CEO’s Words

Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves (Ar R’ad: 11)

Whether we like or not, today’s world is limitless and has no boundary. The world has become competitive and we need to take up that challenge. The biggest challenge is if we are preparing our children for that. If we do not prepare our children for the global challenges, we will find somebody else eating their piece of cake. At Abedeen, we want to prepare our students for global challenges, international recognition and intercultural readiness.

Abedeen students will be given limitless exposure and will develop their competency based on their own strength and vision. They will have the option to sit for the Malaysian national examination or the international examination like IGCSE, A Level and IB Diploma. The syllabus starts as early as Grade 1. And of course, what our students will learn is beyond the certification. They will not overlook their religious, family and social duties.

Abedeen received its name from Surah Anbiya, verse 73. Allah SWT refers abedeen as the leaders guiding the people by His command, He inspires them (abedeen) the doing of good deeds, establishment of prayer, and giving of zakah. Basically, Allah addresses abedeen in this verse to His divinely chosen leaders like His Prophets, so let us pray that together, we develop Abedeen students to possess the characters of abedeen as described in the verse.

We want to develop our students to become world leaders who play an important role in this world. We want to see our children occupying high positions at an international level. We want to see our student leading the international organisations such as the United Nation, international companies, leading NASA and even receiving international recognition in the field that they are in. With the wide knowledge and competency, speaking in more than 4 languages, they will be the role model, becoming important contributors to their society. They are excellent reciters of Al Quran and understand deeply the meaning and the teachings of Islam and are always inspired to do good deeds, performing their prayers and zakat.

InsyaAllah, we pray our vision and mission will come true. We especially pray for our students to be successful always in dunya and akhirat. Together we develop world leaders. Thank you very much.