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Message From CEO

Assalamualaikum wrt

In ancient civilization, the first day of the spring is celebrated to mark the coming of the new year. Chinese New Year for example starts on the 1st day of spring. The same goes with the Persian Calendar where not only Iran but former Soviet Muslim countries celebrate their new year with the coming of spring.

However, today we are at Abedeen to celebrate its First Bloom, not only to mark the 1st year of Abedeen, but it also means there will be more springs in Abedeen throughout the coming years.

Alhamdulillah in less than 11 months, we have seen a lot of improvements and achievements in our students. They learned to learn, they learned to work hard with discipline. They gained knowledge and behold the success criteria. They also learned that real success is not about achieving immediate gratification, but real success is in themselves and will sustain if they go the distance.

On Abedeen’s First Bloom, we also see our first graduate, Muhammad Sa’ddiq Shorbaini being offered to further his studies in the London South Bank University Foundation Programme. In just 9 months at Abedeen, Muhammad Sa’ddiq had improved a lot in all aspects and scored his IGCSE examination despite coming from the national curriculum before.

I want to congratulate all students, teachers and parents for your hard work and the accomplishment of this year’s lesson.

InsyaAllah we will put up the first batch student names on the wall. And we want them to be very successful. They will become the role model and set the standard of achievement for many many students in the future. We hope they will come back to Abedeen to give back to their juniors.

Dear brothers and sisters,

As for the school development, we are still in the midst of coming to the agreement to own this campus permanently. By owning it InsyaAllah we can improve the facilities by having the sports field and an auditorium. Let us pray for the best.

For 2018 we plan many interesting activities and we will have our yearly theme which is Dream Big. We will give a lot of exposure to our students in terms of knowledge and experiences to allow them to be able to think and dream big. And we want them to work to achieve it. Dream Big also means extraordinary performance. Our teachers and parents not only need to assist the students to perform extraordinary but we as teachers, parents and school administrators ourselves need to be extraordinary.

InsyaAllah with right support from both school and parents, our students will achieve their big dreams. We will come out with the execution list with regard to the Dream Big theme. Dearest parents also are welcome to give suggestions. If anyone of you have suggestions, I appreciate if it is in writing form so that the suggestion is more detailed and concrete and not merely something that is being talked about.

In our Dream Big plan, we are also now preparing our students for the national or international competitions. We will list down the competitions and the teachers and parents will decide together on which competition that the student will join. InsyaAllah, together we will work ahead for that competition.

We know that Rasulullah SAW is the most successful man to ever walk the universe. He is an exemplary leader for all mankind, and has shown us ways of achieving the highest level of success in this world and the hereafter. Our students at Abedeen not only learn Quran everyday but under our Dream Big plan we want them to study the life of the Rasulullah SAW in detail. In 23 years, our beloved Rasul made a huge achievement compared to the previous Prophets and today, Islam is the largest practiced religion. Yes, we have big dreams to see our students become the best of Rasulullah’s followers.

We can only achieve this if both home and school work together. In doing so, before end of this year, we also want our Parents Teachers Association to be established so that it can play its role to achieve our vision to develop world leaders together.

Finally, I want to congratulate our future world leader Muhammad Sa’ddiq for being Abedeen’s first graduate and for the offer to study in London and to the other students too on their great achievements.

Thank you very much.

Qutren Nada Ahmad

Abedeen Academy CEO