Physics and General Science Teacher
Double Degree in Physics & Astronomy

Nur Shafiqa graduated from the Drake University, United States of America with a double degree in Physics & Astronomy, and a minor in Mathematics. During her university years, she worked as an astronomy laboratory assistant. She uses this experience to constantly equip Abedeen’s science laboratory with educational materials and apparatus so students can experience science in excitement and full of passion.

Shafiqa’s goals are to teach students Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) at an international level, widen their views about global issues, and create a community of curious and creative students. She has created a mini library of National Geographic magazines in the laboratory so students can read whenever they wish to.

Shafiqa teaches Physics and General Science at Abedeen International School. By relating science and physics to daily life applications, she also prepares students to survive in the third millennium where many industries in the world compete to be the best in terms of technology advancement. She loves to play her part in building the ummah by shaping students to be great future world leaders and prepares them with knowledge and skills, especially in Islamic values and science.